The Completion Process

This process, created by Teal Swan, is particularly useful when dealing with triggers, especially the emotional ones which brings us to feeling states that we would rather avoid.


The Completion Process is built on a premise that every single time we get triggered and experience intense emotions, it is a call from ourselves to ourselves to pay attention and to retrieve part of ourselves which has been stuck in a time when a traumatic event has happened and because of not completing trauma cycle it cannot move forward.

The present event that triggers us is linked to the original event that happened in our childhood (it could be as simple as falling down out of bed) in which to part or our consciousness/psyche is stuck. Once we go back there and we complete the cycle and create an alternative reality in our memory the original wound becomes healed and we no longer react to get triggered by the situation or our response to trigger becomes less intense.


The session involves going back to the actual feeling state that was caused by a trigger, finding the original event(s), alternating past experience, and reconnecting to the part of ourselves in a safe environment.


This session may take less or more than an hour (usually 2 hours booking is a good time slot to complete the session), however, there may be times where longer time is needed (up to several hours) when dealing with more complex or resistant cases.



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