What Are Emotions?

To understand emotions or what their function is, we need to know what they are first. The definition that I would like to use best is this:

Our emotions are the indicators of how far or close we are from our most harmonious alignment with our higher self (spiritual essence).

Emotions are equivalent to out of tune and in tune notes: the worse we feel, the more out of tune we are, the better we feel - the more in tune we are.

It is also important to understand that all emotions are super useful since we can use them as guides or indicators how close or far off we are from our core selves. As long as we are willing to admit how we really feel, we can know where we are and to figure a way out from there. If we want to “control” our emotions (in a negative sense) and not allow real feelings to show up, we cannot really start towards the direction of our “True North”.

So we should treat emotions as they are: our guidance system and make the best out of information that they are giving us.

See my video below for explaining this a bit more in detail.

And now, I wish you to go on and experiment yourself: next time you will feel an emotion that you consider "negative" instead of suppressing it, ask:

"What is this feeling trying to tell me?"

Write it down.

Congratulations! You have now officially started decoding your emotional messages and getting to know yourself.😉

Warmest wishes and love to you.


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