The Smoke Got Me and Then I Got Bronchitis: The Existential Crisis

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The famously coined phrase by Sweet Brown is not going to be the topic of this article. But the fact that the life smoke gets us and then we fall ill - will be. As we go through life doing things we think we are supposed to do one day something unexpected happens: we suddenly don't know any longer why we do what we do, we notice that the life that we have created for ourselves doesn't make us happy and worst of all - we don't even know what is happening or what to do next. It is a strange place.

We have never been here before.

Or maybe we have. Briefly. But this time - it is really happening. The thing that is happening doesn't make sense, we don't even know what is that thing that is happening. But a few things that stand out are the fact that we are feeling lost, confused and not knowing which directions to take. Sometimes even depressed. Empty. Not seeing much point to continuing doing things as we are now. All of that life smoke was going probably ever since we can remember... Or perhaps we can not remember the exact point when it started... It was just simmering all along.

In this video, I go through my insights on existential crisis based on my own experiences and things I have learned along the way (and I learned a loooooooot). The main point that I am making is to allow it to be. Have compassion for yourself, give time for yourself, don't try desperately to get out prematurely - because that leads to a fake feeling of "I'm OK" and then it can result in even bigger crash. Instead, take your steps as slowly as you want to, discover things about yourself, and eventually - you will find a better, more stable, more real base to build your life on.

It takes patience and loads of self-empathy, but at the end - it is worth it.

Good luck.

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