Supporting Network: Our Strength

It was a hectic day before this - I had some stressful experience and life seem to be hard for a while... It is one of those days when you think that you have a lot to deal with emotionally and somehow you need to manage to do it all... alone.

And then you get help. Without asking or demanding for it, simply by sharing how you are feeling you get support from those around you in the most unexpected way: for example, my brother has a capacity simply be there and listen and that somehow takes half the stress away.

And then there is more: your friends, some old some new, new love in your life - the more you look, the more you see, the more open and from heart you share, the more opportunities you have to be supported.

It was a day that I have realised that you can really do a lot and you can really go through most challenging things if you have a strong supporting network.

Let us love our people!



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