Q & A. Are There People With No Insecurities?

Honestly, I don’t think so. Or maybe there are, but we will probably never meet or see them. At last I haven’t…

Most people that we see as very confident have something that they are insecure about. Especially if we think about famous people, I can guarantee that there is definitely something that they feel some degree of insecurity, because once you get in the public eye you get scrutinized even more and anxieties only increase.

Personally, I think the only way to become ‘kind of’ without insecurities (note that I used ‘kind of’) is to accept our insecurities.


Because one way or other we will always have something that other people can do or be better than us (because nobody is perfect in absolutely everything). So if we accept our insecurities, it means we know our point of weakness or vulnerability and we are accepting it.

Insecurity can only do much damage when hidden. The confidence that one can have once they accept their insecurities is quite incredible.

Imagine you are about to give a public speech and you are nervous. You on the stage and you admit that you are feeling nervous. Then there is nothing to hide anymore. From most people (I am talking about normal people) you will probably get compassion and then the tension goes down.

Picture by Nate Neelson

Or imagine that you are insecure about your body. You tell about that to your partner (or friend) and then instead of hiding that insecurity you open up an opportunity for them to actually support you and reassure you. If they are kind and supportive people (which close friends and partners should be) they will do that and your insecurity will decrease. If they won’t do that - you have just exposed some people that probably don’t belong in your close circle.

Anyways, insecurities, in my opinion, are part of everyone's lives and the more we see them and accept them, the more they go away…

So if we all come out about it, one by one, little by little we'll all be living in a more compassionate and gentle world.

I would like that, wouldn't you?




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