Opportunity for Re-connection May Come In The Most Quiet Way

A little story of me walking home yesterday and how saying YES to small opportunities life presents to us in our most mundane daily life situations can make us feel more CONNECTED to each other and remind of THE JOY of doing something that we might have forgotten! :)

As we reconnect with people and with things we love to do we re-connect with our joy.

Do you remember how you used to like coloring books?

Designing clothes for your Barbie dolls?

Do you remember how you used to learn to play the ukulele and it was fun?

How about picking mushrooms in the forest?

How about swimming? Maybe you have started to learn and didn't finish?

I think we sometimes lose some joy as we forget to do things that we enjoy. I do. I did. However, this month my resolution (are we allowed to do it not only for new year?? :D) is to pick up some of the things that I used to enjoy and reconnect with it.



P.S. This reconnecting with things campaign applies to people as well!

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