Mood Diary: The Beginning

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

It felt to me that for a while I have been resisting urge to share. I have things to share and I feel like sharing, but there is that little part of perfectionist in me that says "you need to wait until you can proper dedicate yourself for creating videos", "you need to perfect your editing skills", "you need to have scripts on topics you want to talk about" and so on.

But yesterday (the video is from yesterday) I decided that enough is enough! If I wait for perfect circumstances, I will never do anything.

One wise man once said: if you wait for all the lights to be green in order to go somewhere, you will never get there, because there's never a time when all lights are green at the same time.

I don't remember the exact words or even the name (I think it was from the Earl's Nightingale's podcast) but it really stuck with me somewhere deep and now re-surfaced.

So, here it goes!

All the love, peace, harmony and exuberant self-expression to you all in here!

Let's create!

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