Jealousy and Envy

We all like to think and feel and be seen as good people. Even to ourselves - we want to see ourselves as good and have our own approval for our behavior. And we succeed. We wish other people well, we support our friends and good causes so overall - we are doing very well.

And then something happens: we see something that we really want and we feel this sensation on jealousy (or envy?) coming through our bodies.

It DOES NOT FEEL good! It feels pretty bad. It also feels BAD that we feel it. After all, we are such nice people, right?

In this video, we are talking about jealousy and envy (what's the difference anyway?) in our attempt to normalize it by sharing our experiences.

Yes, I do feel jealous sometimes. And yes, - I feel envious too. Yes, I do feel lack and do sometimes feel bad about myself when I see other people have what I want.

So it happens. I think it happens to everybody. However I believe that it is much more healthy to admit that we all have it (well, if not all then many of us for sure) and to make a peace with it.

When we make peace with an enemy, they are no longer our enemy. Right? ;)

Loads of love to you!

Have a great day.


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