Imperfection: More Inspiring Than Perfection

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

When we want to be perfect and look up to people that we think are perfect in some way, we set ourselves up for a fail. Often, comparing ourselves to people that we perceive superior in some way we lose our hope and motivation to achieve what we want to achieve because we think we need to have those qualities that our role models of perfection have and when we look at ourselves we can painfully see that we don't have those qualities at the moment.

But what happens if we compare ourselves with people who are not perfect in some way?

What if we compare ourselves to people like us?

Ultimately, we are WE and we are who WE are.

So why don't own ourselves, including those qualities that we think are imperfect so that we all could relax a bit more and make a world a bit easier place to live in?

For those who resonate.

Enjoy the watch!

Before the winter comes...



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