If You Don't Like Your Job, Does That Mean That You Don't Like Your Profession?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The short answer is not necessarily so. What happens sometimes is that we don't like the mix of things that we are having to do because of the job that we are in. It is very similar to having a bargain vs feeling like we have overpaid.


When we buy something that we perceive to be a bargain, we feel that we have spent less money in comparison to the value of the thing that we got and therefore we are in a "plus" with this purchase.

On the other hand, when we feel like we have overpaid, it is because we feel that the money we have spent on the item is way more than the value of the thing that we got. So we feel like we have lost something and therefore are in a "minus". Does it mean that the thing that we bought is bad and we don't like it? Maybe, however, it might also mean that if we paid 5 times less or used that thing many more times than we did our feelings about the transaction and the item we bought would be different.

How does that relate to our feelings about our profession?

Instead of scratching the surface and finding only small fishes why don't we try a "Big Game Fishing"? Let's get to the bottom of the things that really matter. A picture by me from Barbados.

So in the job scenario, it could be that we feel like the mix of the things that we do there and the effort that we put out is not compensated either in a monetary way or in our personal satisfaction or maybe even in both. The unfortunate thing is that if we are in a situation like that for a long time, it can make us think that we don't like our profession. It also might make us think that maybe we have chosen our profession wrong and it is not giving us what we thought it would (i.e. appreciation, fulfillment, respect, impact on other people's lives). So basically elements of the in aspects that we don't like are clouding the Sun (the essence and the actual thing that we like).

So if you are in this situation where you feel like you are no longer sure if you like what you do or not, what should you do?

  • Write a list of things that you don't like about your job

  • Write a list of things that you do like about your job

  • Look at both of the lists and circle the bits that are to do with the actual profession, rather than job circumstances and see in what category it falls: things that you like, or things that you don't like.

If you discover that majority of the circles are in the "Don't like" category, it probably means that you don't actually like your profession any longer. In that case it is a good time to explore what it is that you actually want to do: at the end of the day, is is better to spend the rest of your life doing thing that you don't actually like or is i better at least to try (and maybe even succeed) in finding what truly makes your heart sing? The theory of least regrets at the end of your life applies here.

If you discover that majority of the circles are in the "Like" category, it means that you actually like your profession, it is just you job environment and circumstances are making you feel like you don't. What to do then? See if the elements that you don't like can be changed, modified or maybe there is another company, which doesn't have the negative elements (or has less of them) where you could work. Another option is to create your own business or going to work independently - like that you would have much more control in choosing what and how to do things. Who knows, there could be other people in your field who may have exactly the same thoughts, but just not saying it out lad. And you know what happens when you start a wave of a new thought and idea about how to do things? A revolution in the Industry. :)

A curve-ball (for me): hey, how about me? I have almost the same amount of circles in both "Don't Like" and "Like". What does that mean? What do I do? Well, in that case it could be that you are about to invent a new profession. There are elements in the core profession that you like, and there are elements that you don't like and if profession involves both - you only like about 50% of profession. What to do? The question is why 50%. It could be that there is something missing that you want to do, in which case you can either "revamp" the profession to a new one by adding the extra element or maybe look at some "sister" and "brother" professions that have similar elements (the ones you like, of course) which you could drift in. Or it could be that there is something in the profession that you don't want to do at all, in which case you could again "revamp" the p[profession or outsource somebody who would like to do the part that you don't, which would make two happy professionals. In either case another option is to go part time with profession and take a different profession to try out on the side.

I do understand that there is often money and time restrictions about how much freedom do we have with experimenting, but I also genuinely believe that we all deserve to feel fulfilled and satisfied at things that we do every day and our minds are amazing creative things - we can figure the things out! So let's do it. :)

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