How We Grow Stronger

Every day I talk about how I feel. I film it, I publish it.

By doing that I am offering a connection for you to feel that you are not on your own, especially if you are a match to hearing what you need to hear that day or at that time. Today was about self-acceptance and consideration.

The inner strength is built on how much we dare to accept ourselves. In fact, it is directly proportionate to how much of ourselves we accept.

If we are where we are right now and we don't like what we see or we feel something that we don't like it means that there is something else in there that we are refusing to see, acknowledge, accept. Most often it is that neglected part of ourselves, that we don't like to identify with: the part who is scared, the part who is desperate, the part who is hopeless.

Nobody is invincible, nobody is all-knowing. And yet we are limitless, and yet we are full of expression and yet we still to find out what we are capable of.

The video below is part f my daily diary and what was going on with me emotionally.

I am doing this so that we can meet where my self-expression can meet you where your feelings of you going through this alone are.

And like that - we transform it.

(NOTE: Also, I like to keep it 3D so I have incorporated this with my hair dairy. Doing something physical and talking about how I feel seems to be working quite positively as it connects the 2 things together and allows for a more relaxed flow.)

Enjoy the video and then go and make your own form of self-expression and token of self-acceptance - in whichever for that might be for you you.

Sending you my love and support, my fellow human being.


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