How To Be Brave To Be Yourself: Self-Trust

One thing that goes really out of balance when not living our truth is self-trust. It could be also that the reason for us not truly living our lives is a lack of self-trust or too much of self-distrust. Often what guides us away from what we want to do is other people, or what we think other people want from us.

We end up taking the advice of everybody else instead of one person who we should really consider...

(if you want to know my opinion about advice you can find it here ;) )

In this video, I am sharing my perspective on self-trust and how to rebuild it.

There is nobody else on this planet that spent more time with us than us.

There is nobody on this planet who knows us better than we know ourselves.

There is nobody on this planet who knows our likes, our dislikes, but most of all - what kind of life we want to live.

So if we were to build that for ourselves, if we were to reclaim it - there is one person that we should trust more than we trust anyone else: we should trust OURSELVES.

Sounds like a hard thing to do? Let's see if we can do it together.


Loads of love to you - you brilliant human being!


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