How To Be Brave To Be Yourself: Saying NO And Sticking With Things

A magical skill that nobody tells us about is telling people NO. Especially to those who are closest to us. We have been "trained" by our environment that we cannot really say NO to things (probably quite early in our childhood) and therefore we grown up thinking that this is the only way to operate for us. But if we want to change something in our lives going forward, we will need to learn how to say no.

Another skill which we will need to learn is sticking with things we have decided to change.

Why it is so hard to start a new routine or change something that we been doing for a long time? It is because those ways of being have become our habits. Changing anything takes persistence and it is not about never making mistakes or falling back to our old patterns: it is about our decision to change things and doing it as many times as it takes to succeed.

I believe that self-compassion is one of the key things when it comes to learning to do things in a new way. So having self-compassion is your best bet to actually succeed and persist in building the life you ACTUALLY want to live.

I made this video for those of you who are struggling with similar things like I did: being too "yes", agreeing to things we don't want, trying to make everyone else except ourselves happy.

Enjoy and happy NAY saying and sticking with it. ;)

Loads of Love,


P.S. And if you are struggling - let me know, maybe we can work something out.

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