How To Be Brave To Be Yourself: Experimenting

We can learn things from others, but there's nothing like learning things from ourselves.

What does it cost? Sense of curiosity and a dash of courage.😁

The satisfaction and feeling like we have achieved something is DEFINITELY worth it!

Sometimes there's no prescribed formula on how to find what works really well for you. There are soooooo many advices, guides, 10 things to do to be more happy, 7 tips on how to be more successful, 12 things to do if you are serious about your well-being.

So the only way to find out what is right FOR YOU is to try it out for yourself.

There was a long break in me continuing with the series, I was figuring out what was the best way to live myself and as I continue my journey I share with you my experience and wisdom (oooooh, it is growing strong with every month! 😎🤩).

So I invite you to celebrate yourself, my dear colleague human being and join me on this journey. Let's experiment this life!

My love and support to you.


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