How To Be Brave To Be Yourself: Communication and Conflicts

Once we start to understand that something in our life needs to change and that change is going to be BIG, it may be difficult to communicate this to those around us. And of course, those around us are the ones whose support we need the MOST.

If we are being stuck in our lives because of our lack of skill and habit to clearly express our boundaries, wants and needs, it is likely that it will be difficult to start communicating change at first, including having conflicts when needed.

So how to do it?

Is going in like a tornado good? How can we do it more gently?

What is more important: doing what you hate or being totally honest?

What is possible for us?

Why it is more effective to use a gradual process in change?

What works well for people like us?*

This video is to help you communicate change in a gentle way to the people who are closest in our environment and also to learn to have conflicts when needed.

Enjoy the watch! :)

*by "people like us" I mean the type of personality that I myself relate the most: we typically say yes to things, we typically don't want to cause an uproar, we typically want to keep a good relationship and everyone happy even though it might be to our detriment. However, now we reached the point where we want to change things and live the life that we truly want to live.

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