How Emotions Get Stuck In Our Bodies & Why We Need to Clear Them

This is not about good or bad. It is not about avoiding or rejecting some emotions we feel. This is about understanding how what we hold in ourselves is affecting what we experience in our lives.

We should never feel guilty or responsible for what happened to us in the past when we were little when we were vulnerable when we didn't know any better and frankly we did our best to survive and live the way we could back then.

However, I am suggesting that if we want to feel as if we are in control of our lives and that we can start making a change in the direction that WE WANT, we should take responsibility for what we are going to choose to do now. That includes choosing to take responsibility for us the way we are right now including our current vibrational frequency and the things we carry in ourselves.

When we choose that, we then choose to fully SEE ourselves, as much as we can, and when we finally see ourselves - we can start working with an accurate picture, rather than what we want it to be. Once we can do that, we can start seeing points of our wounding, or where we have points of stagnation, stuckness and we can start clearing that energy gently, step by step.

As we clear our energy, we change the vibration that we hold within ourselves consciously and unconsciously. 90% of ourselves operate from the subconscious and unconscious. Now once we can start accessing that - that's where the real shifts start to take place and we start to make huge changes to the points of attraction and what we become the match to in our lives.

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