Emotional Alphabet: Introduction

Without going to far back into the past and back into my story, I wanted to tell you what I have discovered about emotions and emotional and mental health.

After my major breakdown (or breakthrough) 7 years when I was seeing a psychotherapist and started to learn more about mental and emotional health, I was totally shocked as I learned things that are considered "basic" for our emotional health and I have never come across that before. My parents didn't teach me anything about that, the schools and universities didn't teach me anything about that. The only people who actually knew about what is considered "basic things" for our emotional health were either in mental health field working as professionals or people who got into the self-help field because they were not feeling great.

After spending years in traditional and alternative education about emotional wellbeing, my understanding of what was healthy to human beings became clearer and clearer. However, my disbelief of how this basic knowledge is not incorporated in education and parenting and everywhere else where we deal with people (politics, justice systems, corporations) was also increasing. It is almost as if we are always crawling because we don't know that we can actually walk!

So I got myself immersed in this field, connected with the groups of people who were taking an interest in that. As my environment and interactions changed, I have shifted from emotional health ignorance into emotional health awareness and incorporation into everyday life. As that has happened, I have forgotten that other people were still living in the "normal" world, where emotional health principles are not common knowledge.

As this awareness about lack of awareness came back to me, I decided to do something about that. After all, I believe that this knowledge should be basic and accessible to everyone, without paying thousands for exclusive education and learning about it after something has gone seriously wrong, so we have started to search for this information.

So after thinking about what to do next and what do I believe would be most helpful to spread the knowledge about it I decided to create a video series called Emotional Alphabet where I will be sharing my understanding in "human language".

Here's my intro video to the series below.

So, I hope you will find it useful and have fun and new realisations when watching it. Please feel free to comment below and also send me questions and suggestions if you have any!

Meanwhile, I'm sending you my love and my best intentions for what is going on in your life right now and I wish you to have a really beautiful heartfelt day!

Your friend,


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