Don't Go To Work If You Are Sick

Those days when you wake up in the morning and just really don't feel like going to work - don't go to work!

Most of us, we have this feeling of guilt encoded in us, which says that we need to show up 100% everywhere... It is just that it is actually impossible.

OK, if you know someone who has absolutely perfect health (both emotionally and physically) you are probably quite lucky to have met such a rare example on this earth! 😁 However, most of us aren't really that privileged...

Or I would like to say most of us are simply human beings who are doing our best every day and sometimes we still get ill, get tired, feel down - it is a normal part of life.

The thing that makes things worse (in my opinion) is when we are already down and we are forcing ourselves to use effort and energy to maintain a standard who is really unhealthy: sacrificing ourselves (our health included) for the workplace.

We don't live to work, we work to live (I'm talking about the jobs that we do to pay our bills rather than careers that we feel absolutely passionate about) so then if the work kills us, what's the point?

Anyway - enjoy the video!

Let the love be with you.❤🙌💖


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