Did You Ever Want To Eat A Raw Onion?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I have. I think it is the weirdness of it that it made it so attractive. Or maybe the sensory perception and memory on intense taste and tears in my eyes. A weird sandwich that I and my sister used to make is a raw onion sandwich (yes – we made a raw garlic sandwich too). The recipe is very simple and quick to make: all you need is a slice (or two) of bread, your favourite spread (could be even olive oil for those who like things simple) and… a raw onion (the white one for those who like the challenge or a red one for those who have a slightly less of appetite for intense sensations). There was never a recipe that I would have seen for this (even though I am sure that someone else has tried it), however when we decided to make it was out of…erm… boredom? I remember one sunny afternoon in the house that we were renting together we were debating our snack options. The conversation went something like that:

E: “I want something”

R: “Like what?”

E: “Something to eat… Something… I don’t know.”

R: “What kind of food? What type of taste?”

E: “I don’t know… Er…. Um..onion?”

R: “Onion?”

E: “Yes, onion. Kind of RAW onion… Yeah…”

R: “Yeah… Wow. You know what, I kind of like that idea too…”

E: “I know, it’s strange…”

R: “Yes, it is…”

E: “Anyway, shall we do it?”

R: “Sure!! Who’s peeling the onion?! 😊”

Me and my sister on our holiday in Lanzarote Spain. OK - that day we didn't eat any onion sandwich...

So yes, after that conversation our raw onion sandwich was invented. It didn’t become our daily or even a weekly food, but it was something that we would make sometimes just because… Later, the idea spread and even our brother tried it, and he sometimes has it too. So now, on the days when I feel like I want something, something strange, something interesting, something different, I know that onion sandwich will do it!

What was the point of this blog? Am I trying to convince you to try to eat a raw onion? No. The point was just to say that sometimes we want to do weird and unexplained things. Who knows why it is happening…? But the fact that it is happening means that there is some experience in it that we need. If we choose to embrace whatever strange thing that we want to do – that’s OK. You are OK. It doesn’t have to have any logical reason or explanation for it to be valuable… In fact, I encourage you to try it: life becomes more interesting that way! 😊

P.S. and after writing this, guess what I am going to make for my snack? :D

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