Can You Manifest Feelings For Someone?

Yes, I believe you can. There’s conscious manifestation an there is unconscious manifestation. How much control we have over those two processes - is another topic altogether.

Unconscious manifestation happens when the person ticks our unconscious “requirements” list. It happens without us doing anything. So in this case, we have subconsciously stored list about what is “good” or “familiar” (mostly coming from childhood and what we have observed and experienced ) and then the persons actions, looks, energy somehow unconsciously ticks those or some of those boxes and we manifest feeling for the person.

The conscious pro

cess (the one we have control over) can happen if we decide to. So in this case what needs to happen is our decision to focus on the person positively. So we adjust our perspective so that we look for things that we associate with “positive” and we use that when observing and or interacting with the person. The more we keep this focus/perspective, the more likely we will see good things about the person and we will interpret our interactions with them in an increasingly positive way. Once we have quite a good “pile” of such experiences, we manifest feelings.

Having said all of that, the conscious manifestation is more difficult and requires a real depth of self-awareness and also the determination to do so (continue with the positive focus). As there are things in us that we like and/or we don’t like, which sometimes we cannot do much about. So in example of trying to manifest feelings for someone consciously if we then observe the person doing something that we associate with negative, we cannot help, but not like it. Unless of course, we are practicing self-awareness and also objective detachment where we are able to detach from such non-positive observations anyway and continue to hold positive focus towards the person. This requires quite a high level of self-mastery I believe. but at the same time, I believe it is possible.

Hope that helps!

Stay awsome.


Picture by Toa Heftiba.



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