Are Humans Becoming Less Emotional In Modern Society?

I think some do and some don’t. In our current modern society, I believe what happens is stress levels are becoming higher, we are becoming “bombarded” with more things emotionally (marketing, news, movies, computer games, personal stories, social media feeds, etc.) so that our nervous system is really being tested. To cope with that, most people chose one of two things:

  1. Become de-sensitized.

  2. Become super involved emotionally.

Probably more people becoming de-sensitized and therefore less emotional because most people feel (subconsciously) if their nervous system was to take everything in - it would become overwhelmed and “overheated”, i.e. it would be too much too handle. So it is a coping mechanism.

However, the problem is that the more you adopt this coping mechanism, and the less emotional you become, the stronger feeling of disconnection, loneliness and inner emptiness arises.

Basically in order to disconnect from the pain and unpleasant feeling of that what is happening around you, you have to disconnect (numb down your own feelings). So in long run you become disconnected from yourself and life might start to feel meaningless.

The good news is that at some point in such disconnection the person starts to have a crisis which wakes them up to the point that they need to change something. Loads of people then turn to psychologists, counselors, spirituality and start to re-discover themselves, reclaim their emotions, and their sensitivity. And eventually, they come out better, wiser, and more aware then they were before.

Of course, some people continue to disconnect, de-sensitize themselves, and realize the consequences too late.

However, I believe that almost everyone has the capacity to reclaim the emotional self and I really hope that in the future more people will understand the importance of that.

I hope that answers your question.

Be well.


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