Angry? Learn to Transform Energy

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Me with my dear friend and colleague Friederike do this thing where we come together for the interview and talk about the subject of importance - whatever is the thing that is happening to us right now. So originally our intention was to talk about jealousy (which we did!) however, a few spin-offs came out of the conversation -including this one.

Emotion=Energy in Motion

So when we feel some intense emotion, there are several options that we can do with that. We are very much advocates of feeling and allowing oneself to feel whatever is that we are feeling at the moment. But then, what do we do with the energy of the emotion?

This video is our discussion and (hopefully) some pearls of wisdom what to do with that. ;)

Enjoy and give it a go on transforming energy to something and let me know how did it go.

Have fun you wonderful human being! :D



P.S. I decided to release this video first because... erm editing was easier on this one.

Jealousy and other spin-offs are not far behind!

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