One of the most familiar emotions for most of us is anger. Even if we don't express it, we know when we feel angry* and oh, we know when it is about to blow! Haha.

In my opinion, though, this feeling is misunderstood a lot. Anger is not very popular (at least in the Western cultures), and it is also feared as something that one cannot control. Very many times, anger is invalidated too, as something that one "shouldn't " feel.

Personally, I believe that anger can be used in a very positive way. Once we understand that anger is merely a reaction to our boundaries being crossed, we can start looking at the anger differently.

My own journey with anger was long and windy. It was one emotion that I was struggling to own the most. I thought that a good person should not be angry and I thought if I am able to control and suppress my anger I will be more empowered.

I was wrong.

The opposite was true.

The more I disowned my anger, to more I disowned my boundaries. The breakthrough has happened once I started to see value in anger and after seeing it as valuable I was able to re-own a large part of myself that I was suppressing and not considering making my choices. The more I started to reclaim my anger, the more clear and conscious I became of my inner conflicts and my inner boundaries and I was able to take responsibility, control and power back to myself. So it was a really useful and empowering journey.

In this video, I share my perspective with you on anger, what it is and what it does, so if you are like me, who have been struggling with that, you can start seeing the whole picture from a slightly different angle.

Sometimes a slightly different angle is all it takes for us to see what the thing that we are looking at really is.

I wish you kindness and compassion to yourself and your anger, and I also hope that this exploration will enrich and deepen your relationship with yourself and help you to become better friends with the totality of the wonderful you.

My love and support to you,


* there are some exceptions of course

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