Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

This healing modality, created by Evette Rose, works on psychosomatic patterns behind medical conditions. The Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) helps a person to remove blockages that have been created by specific traumatic events in their life. These events may include feeling states (i.e. how the mother was feeling when she was expecting ) and subconscious links made from these states that may have helped to cope with the life at some points but are preventing from moving forward at the present.


The session includes looking at how it is manifesting physically at the moment (including physical and/or emotional symptoms) and finding what subconscious links are creating these issues. The work of MAT session is based on premise that all ailments have been created by something that has happened at some point in a persons' life and the healing takes place by finding that point/link and restoring links to a natural healthy state.


During a session, we address energy, mental and emotional bodies. Results are often experienced physically by symptoms simply going away.


Of course, all cases are different and individual, and change that takes place often manifests in the change of physical environment and personal situation, hence this technique is only suitable for those who want things to change and are ready to do so.

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