Emotional Wellbeing Orientation Consultation

What to expect?

A conversation about yourself and how are you feeling and what brings you here. Every person is an individual. Before we decide what is the best way forward we need to understand you, what you are going through and what is wanted and unwanted in your life. Also, to understand if I am the right person to help you.

Who is it for?

If you have some emotional struggles, feelings that are difficult to deal with, thoughts, that are bothering you or any other symptom that affects quality of your life but you don't know exactly what it is or what to do about it, this session may be a good start. In the session we will be able to explore your concerns and decide what can be done about it. Sometimes even talking about things out loud can help us to have a better clarity about ourselves, our feelings and what is going on.

What will happen after?

It is entirely up to you. After the initial session, we might find that you now have the tools to continue your healing journey independently or you might want to book another session and/or several sessions - it all depends on what is in the best interest of your well-being. Another option is to build a program based on your needs including other tools and techniques that I use (i.e. The Completion Process or Metaphysical Anatomy, Reiki, etc.).


My wish and aim is to give you as much support and tools as I can, so that you would feel empowered to deal with your emotions and life situations with or without extra support - whichever feels better for you.

My services are for people who believe in the importance of emotions.

I will focus on those who want to take responsibility for understanding themselves and their emotions. I promise that engaging with what I offer will help you to get in a better relationship with yourself.


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