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Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique Level 1 Certification Course 

Our body is one of the things we all have from the day we are born until we let out our last breath.

Did you know that you can find and resolve almost every issue just by listening to your body?


It is always sending us messages. Do you know how to listen?

In the MAT, we work with emotions and instincts that were locked in the body at the time of trauma. Yes! We have all experienced it to a lesser or higher degree and it is THE THING that holds our patterns (especially dysfunctional ones) in place.

See my explanation of the trauma and how we use it in MAT:

Image by Marvin Meyer

Join me for this 3 half-days 

Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique (MAT) Level 1 Certification Course

and get an amazing tool for your development and career!

​It is going to be intense, interesting and fun!

Sorry! The enrollment is closed now! 

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Classes are starting:

Friday at 16:00 pm BST (ending between 8 - 9 pm BST)

Saturday at 10:00 am BST (ending between 2 - 3 pm BST)

Sunday at 10:00 am BST (ending between 2 - 3 pm BST)


(short breaks included).

Investment: £320/pp

Want to know more details about what's in it? Here you go.


In this course you will:

  • find out how to listen to your body and find out what is really going on

  • heal your mind and body without having to relive the past

  • understand hidden subconscious stress held in your body and learn how to release emotions that lock physical challenges in place

  • self-sabotage and how to deal with it

  • learn to tap into your intuitive powers (yes - you got it too!)

  • learn how to use your breath to induce altered states to help your healing and also wellbeing in daily life

  • become your inner peacemaker between conflicting ideas and parts in you

  • resolve anxiety and depression in your life

  • learn how to disconnect from those who hinder your wellbeing

  • be free from negative influences of your ancestry and DNA lineage

  • learn to heal yourself and the world around you!

Want to know even more you awesome curious human?

See my LIVE stream recording about what is so special about MAT and why I like it so much! 

To know about the history of the Metaphysical Anatomy™ technique (MAT) and it's founder Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose see my favorite video by Evette below about how it all happened.



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