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  • To answer any questions you may have about sessions or workshops

    15 min

  • Find the patterns that keep you stuck & change them into serving ones

    1 hr

    95 British pounds
  • Perfect for clients where longer collaboration is required

    1 hr

    320 British pounds
  • Integrate & resolve emotions that are causing you triggers

    2 hr

    185 British pounds
  • Clear psychosomatic causes of your physical or emotional pain

    1 hr

    95 British pounds
  • Guided visualization to clear negative imprints from being in the womb

    1 hr 30 min

    150 British pounds
  • Become a certified Metaphysical Anatomy™ Practitioner over a weekend!

    Starts Mar 13

    380 British pounds
  • MAT™ Practitioner certification weekend evening classes

    Starts Mar 20

    380 British pounds



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