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The Completion Process 

Integrate & resolve emotions that are causing you triggers

The Completion Process, instead of avoiding dealing with strong negative emotion, invites the emotion to act as a doorway through which you can connect with the aspects of yourself that are lost or unresolved.  A modern-day soul retrieval process, The Completion Process quite simply allows you to put yourself back together again. 

Metaphysical Anatomy


Clear psychosomatic causes of your physical or emotional pain

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is an emotional healing method that uses the body and physical and emotional symptoms as a map to discover what is causing discomfort by looking at psychosomatic causes. Healing can take place really fast as a lot of symptoms often disappear as a result of discovering what has caused them in the first place.

One On One Coaching

Find patterns that keep you stuck and change them into serving ones

This is for you to find out where and how you're not being good friends with yourself.

In the session, we look for understanding what emotions and psychological patterns you're having the most trouble with and what to do with them. 

In the session, we may use other modalities, tools, or a combination of both, depending on your unique situation.

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And finally

Dear [insert your own name], understand that with all your life experiences and things that have happened to you, things cannot be any other way. It is time to cut yourself some slack for not living a “top of the range”, super successful, and “everything is awesome” lifestyle by now.

You have the power to change in alignment with who you truly are, and you will be led to your authentic expression and your true freedom.

Nothing is wrong with you.

Everything is right with you.

You will find that you are so much more amazing than you think you are. 🥰

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What are you going to get out of this?

Are you your best friend yet?

Are you treating yourself with compassion and respect that you deserve?

Are you allowing yourself to do things you want? To live the life that you want?


If not, then this is what's going to have to change.

You are going to get a seriously compassionate look at yourself and what happened and why you are not where you want to be.

Also, you going to get to know yourself, accept yourself, and finally  - like and love yourself.


I offer open and safe emotional space for authentic communication where we can look into how once and for all, we can change things from very foundations so that situations stop repeating themselves.

And if they do, you will learn how to handle them in the best possible way so that you come out feeling proud of yourself and empowered. I can help you to find that within yourself.

Pebble Beach

How you feel is the most important thing EVER

Why do you think you are suffering?

I believe it's because of the disconnect between our bodies and our souls. The connecting bond between them is our emotions. The further away we are in our lives from where our souls want to be the more we suffer.

In human terms: if you really really want something and you are not getting it, you are suffering.

EXAMPLE: you really really want connection and people around you, but you feel really lonely - this is causing suffering. And what prevents us from being where we want is the things we think about ourselves. Why? Because things we think about ourselves are driving our actions (or if we go metaphysical - our personal energy field) and that attracts wanted or unwanted things in our lives.

And what we think about ourselves = how we feel about ourselves.

If we feel good about ourselves and our lives - we don't suffer.

How can we stop suffering so bad?

To help you to resolve your suffering, we'll be looking into what thinking and feeling patterns you have in your life that are keeping you stuck in suffering.

We'll look at what has happened in your life that has created those points and what is keeping them there right now.

The aim is to find the root cause of the problem and provide healing for it.

Is it for you?

Are you ready to face your pain yet?

Are you sick to the degree where you feel like "OK, I give up. I will try anything now"?

Are you tired of trying to escape? If yes - keep on reading.

I can help if you are tired of saying “everything is going to be fine, I just need to be positive” when deep down inside you know that this is not going to happen, UNLESS something changes drastically and from the very core of your being. And that's exactly what we are going to do.

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