What is

in common between me and the ice?


What my sessions are all about

It is about a holistic approach to our bodies and our souls. The connecting bond between them is our emotions. The way we deal with things, the way we respond to situations is all linked to how we feel. How we feel is in turn connected to what we are thinking and how we are thinking is all connected to what happened to us to make us think that way.

In the sessions, we will be looking into what patterns you have in your life that is keeping you stuck. We will look at what has happened in your life that has created those points of struggle originally and what is currently keeping them there. We will look at it from an emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual point of view and what experiencing them in your life means to you.

The aim is to find the root cause of the problem and provide healing for it.

Who is it for?

I can help you if you are ready to face your pain. It is a very specific feeling state to which a person comes to after trying, again and again, to make the pain to go away but it keeps on coming back. I can help if you are tired of saying “everything is going to be fine, I just need to be positive” when deep down inside you know that this is not going to happen, UNLESS something changes drastically and from the very core of your being.

What is it that I offer?

What I offer is not a magical solution (even though it might appear like one) but a serious look at yourself with the understanding that with all your life experiences and things that have happened to you, things cannot be any other way. It is time to cut yourself some slack for not living a “top of the range”, super successful and “everything is awesome” lifestyle by now.


I offer my knowledge and a range of approaches, tools, and techniques to start making sense of what is happening with you emotionally.  I offer you my insight, presence, and compassion for things that have happened or even are still happening to you. I offer open and safe emotional space for authentic communication where we can look into how once and for all, we can change things from very foundations so that situations stop repeating themselves.

And finally

Sometimes change can be very gentle, sometimes change can be very hard and drastic. Sometimes change is internal,  sometimes we can see it externally. When we change in alignment with who we truly are, we are always led to our authentic expression and our true freedom. I can help you to find that within yourself.


Being on a verge is good: the fall is not that high and what awaits you on the other side is more real, more authentic and deeper felt life. So if you are ready to stop escaping yourself, I am ready to help you.


(I know this sounds a bit poetic but be sure – I mean it and we do mean business here, in a gentle way.)

Awareness is our power to change things.

Shall we?

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